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Over recent years LED lighting has become the lighting of choice. Extended lamp life over filament lamps and no warm up time compared to earlier low energy lamps has encouraged their adoption. LED lighting is controllable, cost effective to run and reduces maintenance in terms of lamp changes and control gear. LED offers an array of lamp colours, fitting types and applications.


To date Daylight Norfolk Company have had many LED lighting schemes completed and all to the clients satisfaction. 


LED offers solutions to all situations and uses. Domestic application, Commercial application, Sport, Security the list is endless. Knowing what product is suitable for what environment is crucial to good design. Warranty levels offer piece of mind to the end user and certainty a quality product has been specified.


Domestically the LED downlighter is now very popular allowing dimming and colour lamps to enhance the room and decoration. Security lighting by way of LED floodlights increase light levels and reduce running costs while keeping areas covered for security.


Commercially LED Lighting offers a massive improvement to office spaces both in terms of running and maintenance costs compared to fluorescent lighting but also in term of the working environment. By closely matching natural daylight on colour rendering the office environment is improved, reduces glare and so reduce eye strain and fatigue. We have had opportunity to install LED lighting to several office areas as well as a modern veterinary practice. Our clients are testament to prove LED lighting is the way forward. 


Factories and warehouses where lighting is potentially at high level and of a "warm up" discharge type benefits from increased light levels while reducing maintenance cost as lamp life are counted in tens of thousands of hour and provide instant light on switch on.


Sports is another big area benefiting from LED. Again like commercial buildings discharge lighting has been the normal needing minutes to achieve full lighting output and cool down before re-lighting after switch off. Many Sports complexes now require an immediate light up maximising court use over energy costs. Courts or halls can be switched off when not in use but relit quickly again when the areas are required. 


One of our most recent projects was the replacement of all 70, 400wt HQI lowbay light fittings to 108wt Thorn HiPak fittings to Easton & Otley College indoor tennis centre. Working alongside the college, Lawn Tennis Association and our independent lighting designer to ensure the light level was exactly what was need to play tournament standard tennis. Not only did we do just that but we installed within the specified time limits and have had positive reports back on flexibility of use and reduced running costs.


LED can also be used for effect and mood lighting. LED ribbon can be used to high light shelving, book cases, kitchen cabinets or even the children’s bedroom. Colour change and wave dimming adds movement into lighting and attracts the eye. Window displays, concealed lighting, plant lighting, the list is endless. With not just accent lighting LED ribbon can also form a primary lighting roll if the right product is specified. We have been able to prove such things not only domestically but also in a historic Church in Sprowston, Norwich. 


While LED remains a fast moving market place we are able to offer a specialist service to all our clients. Working with some of the UKs largest lighting manufactures helps us specify the latest products with warranty levels of up to 10 years. For our larger projects we call upon the services of our lighting designer who can visit the property, talk to the client and more importantly understand the client’s needs and expectations. Lighting designs are then produced utilising the latest products and providing photometric drawings and luminance level calculations giving confidence in achieving lighting of the correct level.


Return on Investment calculations can also be produced showing what time scale is expected to return.


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