In 2010 Daylight Norfolk Company entered the solar PV market place installing solar PV on domestic properties. After a short break from the industry we are now well placed to offer this service again for a variety of different sizes of installations. We are well versed in on roof, in roof, ground mount and flat roof installations. Offering a variety of products to suit the needs of the individual.


PV is becoming widely acknowledged on planning applications and building control. Although the Feed-in-Tariff remains at a lower rate the bigger incentive is now energy efficiency and storage of generated electricity.


Adding battery storage solutions to existing or new PV systems can increase returns further and also by way of utilising backup systems securing future energy needs. Coupling battery storage options with Electric Vehicle Charging optimises solar PV still further. Battery options offer flexibility with regards to usage, storage and dependancy.  


We have installed several domestic systems since 2010 and like many market places keeping up with changes in technology is critical to keeping one step ahead. All our systems are designed individually and installed by us. 


We do not employ any sales staff or use sub contract labor for the installation of PV. You will only ever deal with Darren or Mark directly. After survey we provide full details of products, design and estimated returns which are produced in line with MCS and RECC Rules.

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